Monumental Ideas in Miniature Book

March 4th, 2009



The first exhibition of the traveling Monumental Ideas in Miniature Book project is on view now in Chicago.

Location: Columbia College Exhibition Space, 1006 S. Michigan Ave.
Dates: March 6 – 28
Regular Hours: Tuesday – Friday Noon – 5 PM
Special Hours: Friday, March 27 Noon- 9 PM; and Saturday, March 28 Noon – 5 PM
Reception: March 27, 6 – 9 pm
Organizers: Hui-Chu Ying and Alicia Candiani

Artworks of monumental physical scale are overwhelming. The diminutive viewer is confronted and consumed by the gigantic. Presented with the miniature, the viewer, no longer assigned to the passive role, might instead devour the work, taking it into his or her soul. The miniature invites the viewer into a personal and intimate relationship. With attention drawn to the significance of the seemingly insignificant, the momentousness of the miniscule is magnified thus instilling monumental value. This curated exhibition will investigate the power of small-scale artists’ books to challenge their readers with grand, powerful, urgent, and poignant content.

More information about my book in this exhibition, Rock on Rocks, can be found here.

A video overview of the exhibition is here.

Photos of the exhibition from Hui-Chu Ying can be found here.