Further: Artists from Printmaking at the Edge

November 6th, 2006

Galleria Harmonia


Further is a print portfolio that consists of print works by 34 printmakers from 11 countries (Australia, Austria, Canada, Finland, Iceland, Korea, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, UK, USA,). It is a collection of expressions according to each artist’s interest without any common theme. There are works made by various methods and concepts, which shows the multiple direction of printmaking today. Some artists try to deepen the expression of printmaking, some try to expand the limit and some even don’t care about the category of printmaking any more. Therefore, the differences and similarities of the artists appear clearly, which is the main point of this exhibition.

The portfolio project is based on the book PRINTMAKING AT THE EDGE written by Richard Noyce. In this book, he presented 45 printmakers from 16 countries to show what is happening at the “edge” of the printmaking scene. He used the word “edge” to express physical and spiritual distance from places of the main stream of art (New York, London, Paris), and also pointed out the end of general idea and technique of the printmaking. He concluded in his book that the edge is not the edge anymore.

When the book was released in public, it happened quite naturally that the artists included in the book started to contact each other. “I hope Richard doesn’t mind, but I thought I’d contact all of you to see if you might want to take Richard’s book idea one step further….”. This is what Scott Betz suggested in the artists’ mailing list. From this suggestion, to know each other more through the real works, and to find the possibility to do more, the artists started to make this portfolio exchange Further; Artists from Printmaking at the Edge.

Artists started to find the opportunity to make an exhibition of this portfolio and possibilities to show their works. In November 2006, this portfolio was exhibited at Salem Fine Arts Center in North Carolina USA from 6th of November, at Galleria Harmonia in Jyväskylä, Finland and at Print Gallery (GRAFIKOS GALERIJA) in Lithuania from February 2007. Future exhibitions are planned for Philadelphia (USA), Belgium, Tokyo (Japan), Vancouver (Canada), Vienna (Austria), Sydney (Australia), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Queensland (Australia). Also in 2007, with the same theme, seven of the artists took part as panelists in the Southern Graphic Council Conference in Kansas City, directed by Further artist, Laura Berman.

Further: Artists from Printmaking at the Edge has also been exhibited at:


Frans Masereel Centrum Belgium


Sawtooth Center for the Arts, Winston-Salem, NC


Vienna, Austria

Full exhibition history:


Galería Políglota. Proyecto´ace. Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA


Malone Gallery, Troy University, Alabama. USA


Hamni Photography Museum, Seoul. KOREA
· RJ Reynolds Gallery, WinstonSalem, NC, USA
· Hornan Gallery, Falun, SWEDEN
· Silicon Graphics Gallery, Philadelphia. USA
· Gallerie Wollab, Vienna . AUSTRIA
· Harmonia, Jyvaskyla, FINLAND
· Grafikos Galerija, Kaunas. LITHUANIA
· Frans Masereel Centrum, Kasterlee, BELGIUM


Salem Fine Arts Center, North Gallery, WinstonSalem NC, USA